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We were robbed!!!

So, I was out in the back, by the chickens the other day, talking to my mom on the phone, when I noticed a pretty large something swoop down into my chicken coop. What was that?

I ran over to see what it was. At first I thought it was a hawk. I could hear swoop, swoop, swoop of the wings of a bird taking flight. And then I saw it. A big black bird with a white head. Oh my goodness was it an eagle? Not really, it didn't have a white tail.

Then I realized that it was a black crow with an egg in it's beak.

The thief was stealing my eggs. I remembered that I had laid about 5 or 6 duck eggs on top of the shelter we have out there, just until I was done with my chores but I had forgotten about them.

I'm onto them now though. I gathered my eggs the following day and I could hear the crows out in the wilderness and I knew they were watching me, waiting and hoping that I would walk away and leave those eggs again. Not a chance, and I yelled out to them and told them so.

Yea, living out here away from civilization is awesome, but the only one's I have to talk to are the farm animals and the wildlife. I can now speak chicken, rooster, goat and cow, oh, and also peacock. Not because I have a peacock but because we watch the Coghills from Cog Hill Farm and they have a peacock. Yes my hubby thinks I'm a nut!

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