We Have a Jokester in the Family

Shhh! Yes, yes. If you know our family, you know that I'm always lurking and waiting for opportunities to startle someone. Especially my hubby. He really does get into his work and a lot of the times, I'm not even trying to scare him, it just comes naturally.

He'll be outside, with his music playing, minding his own business, getting his work done, and I go out to ask him something and I just can't help myself. He's too easy.

Now don't feel too sorry for him, he gets me too, he just doesn't have it recorded, and I'm not as dramatic as he is, so he doesn't think I jump.

The grand daughters and I take turns getting one another too. And they just laugh. Laughter is good.

Are there any more jokesters out there? Tell me of the last time you startled someone or played a trick on someone.

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