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Tree Sap and Goat Spit

Had the grandsons up from Texas again for the summer. And the girls came off and on when they weren't playing ball. We really enjoy having them here. Chaos all over again like it was when we had all six of ours at home. Makes my heart sing.

We took them on a gondola ride then hiked around Telluride along the river. The boys didn't know what a gondola was. Besides Mitchell being nervous, I think they really enjoyed it.

We found a couple more mouser kitties to add to the farm. Mitchell and Tray brought home the silver one first and Mitchell said that I should name him Mitchell Jr., because he has an "M" on his forehead. So we named him Mitchell Jr and we call him Mitch. The orange tabby is Hugo.

It took Mitch a couple of days to settle in, then Tray brought home Hugo. Talk about a 'spitfire' little red head. He hissed at all of us. Mitch wanted to play but he'd have no part of that. Hissing and growling. I tried loving on him to ease his fear and he just wanted to run away. Then he was introduced to the big dogs and he didn't just hiss at them, HE SPIT! Atka and Nukka didn't know what to think about that. They sure left him alone.

He's settling in just fine now though. He and Mitch chase each other through the house and over the couch and across the bed and around the bar and sliding under furniture. They don't even mind the big dogs anymore.

I had a couple of hats to get made for a customer and so I sat down to crochet and the girls wanted to crochet. I taught them a few years ago. Then the boys wanted to learn, so I taught them too and we all sat around the living room crocheting together. Good Times...

Mitchell had a hard time even though, as he said it, "I'm trying my best, but it just isn't working." Justin got the chain down but wanted to learn how to go back the other way and that is when he had problems. Bella goes strong for awhile then decides she's had enough of that. Davanee made a koozie and a fingerless glove. Just amazing that at 10 she can put together something all on her own.

Tray set up a zip line for them. They had a blast. Only a few minor injuries but overall I think they really enjoyed it.

They played hard and got to enjoy the great outdoors. They played on the zip line, worked on the farm, gathered eggs, played in the water and got super dirty like farm kids do.

They washed up for dinner one evening and as I was fixing their plates, I noticed a gigantic knot in the back of Bella's hair. I asked her what in the world did you get in your hair? She pulls the hair around and with a 'can you believe it???' tone in her voice, said,...

"It's tree sap and goat spit!!!" I about died. And yea, that don't come out real easy either.

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