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Kids have arrived

After starting with chickens, we decided to add to our farm animals a herd of goats. First we got two Boer does and named them Penelope and Fergie. Our buck is named Rusty and he's 1/2 Boer and 1/2 Nigerian. Our whether is a little Nigerian dwarf named Reggie and he's the one with the blue eyes.

Our 2021 kids arrived in April. Penelope had twin boys and Fergie had twin girls. They are adorable!

Both boys, one of the girls and Penelope have all moved to other farms. We kept one of the does and the grandbabies named her Susan.

These are the girls. I (Corbie) got out there just in time to see the second girl, the darker one in the back, be born. I just love new babies!

Here are the boys.

Proud mama Penelope with her twin boys.

This is our whether, Reggie.

Papa, Rusty. He's stocky and proud.

The girls. That's Susan on the right.

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