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Moving a Farm Across Country

Are we NUTS!!?? Well, it's quite the undertaking, for sure. We actually thought about moving everyone...all the animals. Can you imagine? Seeing us driving down the highway with a chicken coop on the trailer and the chickens all flailing about inside.

Yea, we decided that was torture, not just for the chickens, but us as well. Moving from the mountains in Western Colorado to the flatlands of the Florida Panhandle, is a good distance. We've sold all of the chickens, the goats, the geese and the ducks. We have one more dog to sell.

It is quite the undertaking to move across the country, even without a farm. We made that move 17 years ago when we left Texas and came here to Colorado. Only then we moved with 6 kids. Not much different than moving a chicken coop full of chickens on a trailer, really.

Back then, Tray and Daryn came 3 months before the rest of us. The rest of the kids and I stayed back and packed up everything. Tray and Daryn came back to Texas and got us, and we all moved to Colorado and got a house.

Now this gypsy soul is restless again and ready for a change. We have been trying this homesteading stuff at 8000' and boy, what a challenge.

Ya gotta time it just right. That first year, I started my garden over about 5 times. If you start it too soon, there's bound to be another frost. If you start it too late, it'll start snowing again before it's time to harvest. If you're not careful with your green house, you'll fry everything. Ask me how I know.

So anyway, this time I'm going first for the move. Only we don't know anyone there, so we found me an apartment right across the street from the beach. I'm so excited!

The plan is for Tray to come out next year. I'll be there scoping out the lay of the land. Able to go and look at properties as they come up and check out where any flood zones are. It is Florida.

So, in 2024, we want to get another farm and start up again. I'll keep your email and let you know when we're up and running again.

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