Melting, Molting and PeeWater

No it doesn't go together, but it did.


We've broken some heat records here in Colorado this last week. One of our grand daughters was chosen for Allstars, which is the softball playoffs, and we were at her final game to determine who was going to be district champs, and this year it just so happens to be also state champs. It was us against them, at 107°. It was so hot! Those girls played hard. The coaches were charging the field to give them a drink and douse them in water to keep their cooling rags damp. Anything to keep our girls hydrated. It was a great game and our girls walked away the champs. Both District and State.

The dogs are finally shedding their winter coat. Well Atka is shedding her winter coat. Nukka still has baby fur but she is shedding a little bit. At first Atka was not too particularly fond of standing there for the brushing, but she eventually started liking it. Nukka loved it the whole time. Atka's hair is so thick it's going to take several brushings to get all that loose fur outta there.

Yesterday we were out doing our farm chores and filling up the goose pond. Nukka jumps in the pool and starts walking around cooling her feet. I was hurrying to get my phone out to take a pic of her playing in the water. Well, apparently cold water on the feet has an adverse affect on her. I snap the pic and Tray says, "she's peeing!". OMGoodness, she didn't even wait to get out of the water. Nukka peed in the pool.

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