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Goat Breath Shock

Mitchell, Bella, and Jo, three of our grand babies, came out to the farm for a week. We go out to the goat pasture to visit the goats and give them cookies. Patty, one of our very friendly goats, stood up on her hind legs at the gate and leaned her head through the railing to get closer to the human kids who had the cookies.

Well...sometimes goats will burp or hack up their cud for another chew...and when they do, oh my, it's not a pleasant smell. Patty was right at the human kids faces when she decided to hack up her cud and it came forth with such force, that I swear it parted Bella's hair. If only I were videoing at the time. The look on their faces...I mean, hair blew back, eyes wide open in disbelief, and chins dropping to the ground in shock! The three of them in unison then turned away saying, "eeeewwwwwwwaaa!!!" Tray and I laughed so hard that we cried.

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