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Exiled from the Chicken Coop

I've been gone from home for about a month. I had a vacation planned to go to Florida. A few weeks before I was due to leave, my mom passed away, so I decided to just go on to Texas and take care of funeral plans and then I went from there to Florida. Anyway, I was gone for about a month.

When I returned, I went out to visit with all the animals and my husband walked around out there with me. Everyone was looking great. The meat birds were getting big, the baby goats were growing, and the pigs, I think, doubled in size.

Then I get to the chicken coop. I started with about 50 chickens all together but over time things happen. After about 2 years, I was down to about 28 chickens...25 hens and 3 roosters.

A couple of months ago we added some Polish chickens, which, by the way, ended up being roosters. Yes, 2 more roosters to add to the flock. The roos all get along so I just let them be. And my roosters are behaving themselves and not chasing people, so.

But anyway, I get to the chicken coop and see my rough looking hens and wonder what the heck happened. Apparently having 5 roosters with 25 hens is too many roos.

Then I noticed the one rooster, who was so beautiful with his colorful tail feathers. He'd been exiled from the chicken coop. My husband told me that our big Moran Rooster wouldn't let him in the coop yard. I thought 'how sad'. But a few of the ladies would go out in the pasture with him.

Poor thing, not only was he exiled, he only had one tail feather left. Those Polish roosters had been chasing him.

We do have a clutch of chickens that hatched and are in the brooder. Maybe they'll all be hens to add to the flock and not more roos.

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