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Our Pigs


We're selling out and moving across country to start over in a warmer climate.
We'll have our new farm up and running as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience and continued support.

We have pasture raised grass fed pigs who live a great life.

For 2022 we are offering whole and half hogs that are USDA processed.

We don't offer delivery at this time but you can arrange to pick up your pork from the butcher, our farm, or a convenient meeting place.

Our pigs are:

  • Pasture-raised and grass fed

  • Provided Certified Organic and NON-GMO Feed

  • Fed a special finishing ration their last six weeks to improve flavor.


  • Ready for pickup between November and December.

  • Custom cut to your specifications

  • Price will be charged based on hanging weight

  • Whole hogs "hang" or weigh between 180-250 lbs on average.

  • Processed, cut, packaged, frozen, and individually labeled.

  • Smoking fees are additional.

1/2 hog $250 to reserve.

Whole hog $500 to reserve

Final cost determined by hanging weight at $6.00/lb.