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How It All Started


We bought some chickens! Haha - that's really how it all started.

We are Conrad and Corbie Kortz and we have a 40 acre homestead in Southwest Colorado, just south of Montrose. We originally started homesteading about 20 years ago on a small plot of land in Shepherd, Texas. Then we sold everything and moved to Colorado and got busy getting our six children graduated and living on their own.

So, we, the empty nesters, decided we were going to start travelling. We enjoyed a few vacations and had a big one planned for Maui in 2020.

WELL - that didn't happen! 

With the events of 2020, we, as so many others, were bound to home and no job to go to so ---

We bought chickens instead.

We started growing our farm. We've always wanted to be self sufficient and in control of what we eat, but seeing the state of uncertainty that our food supply was in, with empty shelves even more than a year later, has made us realize that we need to get the lead out of our butt and do something about it. No more mediocre attitudes.

We have about 40 laying hens and a small flock of ducks for eggs and we raise goats, pigs, rabbits, meat chickens and turkeys along with our Colorado Mountain Dogs who are on patrol keeping everyone safe. 

We're a growing farm sitting on top of the Uncompaghre Plateau. Homesteading at 8000' presents its own set of challenges but we're having a blast out here and although we're not certified organic, we are farming and raising our animals in the most organic way possible. Our goal is to raise happy and healthy livestock that not only feed our family but your's as well.

We're here to offer our fresh goods from the farm, that we also consume, as well as help and support for those wanting to learn what we are learning along the way.

About Us: Our Farm
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